Founder, Jena Miller

Fun Facts!

  • I love bacon.
  • Chickens are my favorite animal.
  • Camping with my husband and two girls is my happy place.
  • I’m passionate about life and getting the most out of every day!

I love to create, I love to try new things, and I love surprising people with design. 

My mom will tell you that I have had a strong opinion from day one (and my husband will confirm that it hasn’t faded). I have always known what I liked and been confident in that. I remember the first time my granny let me pick out fabrics for a quilt in my room. I knew exactly what I wanted. My mom and grandmother thought I was crazy for choosing the mixture of patterns and designs that I did, but they let it be my choice.  I still feel proud hearing that story and how my mom tells that the quilt turned out beautiful despite their doubts. That is what I love about design…it is a lot like people’s personalities. There is no right or wrong, you just need to be yourself, love who you are, and don’t worry if not everyone likes your style.

All that explains how I got here, how Farmish came to be. Basically, I have always wanted my own store, and now that is in the works! Farmish Barn Sales are in the making, and I will be taking you along with me on the journey. The other part of Farmish is this website,

Farmish Home, my way of helping share my love for antique shopping, vintage markets, and small town Texas. I realized we all needed an easier source to find the best shops across our great state and an ultimate list of vintage shopping events and trade days. So here we are at Farmish Home!!!